Technologies to Augment Next Generation Sequencing

Population Genetics

Population Genetics has developed a broad portfolio of patents covering revolutionary technologies that will have a major impact on the use of next generation sequencing (NGS) for a broad range of applications.

For example, our cost-effective, accurate, sensitive and easy-to-use clinical tests will allow health professionals to administer the right antivirals and antibiotics at the right time, leading to improved clinical outcomes for patients and reduced costs for payers.

Our Products

The company is using its proprietary technologies and established NGS assay expertise to develop and market regulatory-approved diagnostic products that will inform clinical decision-making and revolutionise the ways diseases are managed.

Our comprehensive solutions integrate streamlined laboratory workflows, cloud-based data interpretation and rapid delivery of clinical reports through a simple web interface.

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Next Generation Sequencing

NGS is poised to drive a major transformation of the $6 billion infectious disease molecular diagnostics industry by providing an unprecedented volume of nucleic acid sequence data at lower cost and greater speed.  With falling sequencing costs and increased power to detect and catalogue variation, clinical molecular diagnostic laboratories are rapidly adopting NGS technologies into routine practice.

Precise and accurate detection and quantitation of pathogens including low-frequency resistance variation is often essential to provide clinically relevant information, as exemplified in the management of diseases such as HIV and HCV infection and antimicrobial resistance in healthcare-associated infections.  However, one of the major barriers to finding rare DNA variants of pathogens using NGS is the inability to distinguish them from errors introduced during the DNA sequencing process. This problem becomes particularly acute when applying NGS approaches to clinical diagnosis.

Our Solution

Population Genetics’ technologies provide the answer to these problems by allowing highly specific identification of infectious disease resistance mutations at unprecedentedly low frequency (down to variants present in only 0.1% of the infective agents in the sample).  Our approach supplies clinicians with reports based on quantitative data that increases the confidence and sensitivity of variant identification.  This enhanced ability to predict drug failures due to low frequency mutations leads to earlier detection of potential resistance in patients, guiding better initial drug choices and quicker therapy changes. Earlier effective treatment will bring benefits not only to the patient but also to public and private payer groups.

Our assays ultimately will be used for widespread detection of microbes and other pathogenic organisms, allowing organisations involved in regular monitoring for resistance appearance to have greater sensitivity for early infection detection, with accurate quantitation of the number, diversity and resistance status of infectious agents in the sample tested.

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The Company

Located in the Cleveland, Ohio Health Tech Corridor in close proximity to four world-class healthcare institutions, the company has assembled a team of scientists committed to the company’s success.  It is led by a management team with proven success in the commercialisation of life-science innovation and is backed by an experienced and commercially focused Board of Directors.  It has continuing advisory access to Nobel Laureate Dr Sydney Brenner and other leading edge scientists.

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